LDAP, TLS, etc.

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Which LDAP Server?

While working on the high-level architecture for the joint survey processing system, it has become clear that we will need to use something like LDAP to manage user accounts. I will need to figure out which LDAP server software would be best to use for this system. Thus far, it seems that Red Hat's 398 Directory Server, OpenLDAP, or Apache Directory would be the best tool for the job.


While reading about LDAP, I kept running into references about TLS (Transport Layer Security), which is an acronym that I've seen quite a bit recently, so I'm planning to read a bit more about it. It's a successor to SSL, apparently. I've been considering learning how to secure websites lately (https vs. http), and it seems that TLS is now replacing SSL, so it would be good to learn a little bit more about it.

More things on the reading list

Since quantum computing seems to be reaching the level at which it can actually be used for real applications, I thought that it would be good to find out what's new in the field and brush up on the basics. Apparently, this review by Preskill is a good place to start.